Though Not Solely Responsible, We As Fans Who Carry That Mentality Attribute To Some Of These Dangers Endured By The Performers, As We Buy That Product.

Many of us have flat feet. Diabetes is cited as the most common cause for this medical condition. Sports activity is a common cause of pain in metatarsals. Derwin James, FSU’s freshman All-American DB, undergoes ‘minor’ foot surgery – CollegeFootballTalkHere are some of the common symptoms of PAD. ➞ Claudication is a characteristic symptom of peripheral artery disease. Athletes who exercise vigorously every day are at a major risk of stress fractures. This can aggravate the pain and discomfort caused due to this condition. The sensation that we get when our leg or our arm ‘falls asleep’, is one of the signs that we have a pinched nerve in our foot, or in the arm. In most cases, it is cantered around the foot areas only, but there are some rare cases wherein people experience it extending up to the ankles or calves. Ankle pain is a common problem faced by people of varying age groups.

photo tmp_19431-yoshiko-act-yasukawa-144634489_zpsynlxtlip.png Thats life. But this incident is more than just one disturbed individual going off at random. Its about testing the limits of what wrestling fans will accept, pushing an envelope that is already stretched to the breaking point, and getting a glimpse into the insane levels a wrestler may try to push to in order to carry on in an industry that they all but worship. Kleck: And a glimpse into the levels a federation, or even the industry itself will go in order to make money. Yoshiko still wrestles regularly nearly 2 years later, other often featured, while Act can not only never wrestle again, but even function normally, or without pain Isnt that telling? That to me says if the money is there, a federation or industry will run with it. And if you peruse the comment sections in some of the articles discussing this incident that we did, you will see a lot of fans saying this kind of stuff is simply commonplace in wrestling, and they were excited to see what Yoshiko would do next. Though not solely responsible, we as fans who carry that mentality attribute to some of these dangers endured by the performers, as we buy that product. And I personally feel I owe those performers more than that kind of treatment.

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